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About us

The German family enter­prise Bahlsen is an inter­na­tional sweet biscuit manu­fac­turer. In Germany Bahlsen is the most successful manu­fac­turer in this market and with the brands BAHLSEN and LEIBNIZ market leader.

Throughout Europe, Bahlsen is one of the most successful sweet biscuit companies. The company's roots go back to 1889, when Hermann Bahlsen founded the "Hannover­sche Cakes-Fabrik H. Bahlsen" and employed ten people.

Today, more than 125 years later, the company has an inter­na­tional presence with its biscuits, waffles, chocolate bars and cake, employing 2,704 people, with a turnover of 552 million euros in 2016.

The people behind the biscuits

The Bahlsen Group is directed by a five-person manage­ment board. Its chairman is Werner M. Bahlsen, a grandson of the founder and the owner. The other board members are Scott Brankin, Michael Hähnel, Daniela Mündler and Helge Wieneke.

The company head­quar­ters is in Hanover. The manage­ment and office staff work in historic buildings that are protected monuments. Produc­tion takes place today at six sites:

Barsinghausen, near Hanover Varel, Frisia Berlin Schneverdingen (Bisquiva private label) Skawina, Poland Jawornik, Poland

From biscuits over cake to organic fruit nut & bars – cult status

The company's diverse product portfolio ranges from modern biscuits and wafers to cakes and seasonal products, and also includes biscuit-based snack bars, sweet snacks and recently organic fruit & nut bars. Inter­na­tion­ally the products are marketed mainly under the strong and popular BAHLSEN brand. The products and branding in different countries may sometimes vary as national products, regional refer­ences and consumer habits are taken into account. For example, in Germany, Poland, Luxem­bourg and Austria LEIBNIZ exist as a separate brand for all products which focus on the field of butter biscuits. The partly inter­na­tional and partly national brands of the Bahlsen Group are as follows: BAHLSEN, LEIBNIZ, PiCK UP!, Brandt, KRAKUSKI, HIT, KORNLAND, BLISSFULL BACKING und RAWBITE.

Our baking produc­tion lines have to handle enormous demand: in 2016 alone, the company baked and supplied more than 140,421 tonnes of sweet baked goods. The most important market for Bahlsen is Germany, which accounts for approx­i­mately half of the turnover. Products such as LEIBNIZ butter biscuits and the PiCK UP! biscuit bar have cult status here. But in inter­na­tional markets, too, our products have a growing fan club: Bahlsen exports products to more than 55 countries.

Love of life tastes like this

Our baked goods stand for enjoyment and love of life. For gener­a­tions – more than 125 years now – the sweet pleasure of biscuits has been asso­ci­ated with the Bahlsen name. The unmis­tak­able taste, the consis­tently high quality and trust in the product have made Bahlsen what it is today: a successful and modern family company.

It’s in our genes

We can’t do it any other way: every single part of the company focuses on quality. This philos­ophy is based on the company’s own standards and the way we see ourselves as a maker of branded goods. The high quality standards start with the choice of raw materials and apply equally to their processing, packaging and delivery.

For us, quality relates both to our products and to our wonderful employees. Their expert knowledge and commit­ment ensure that we can provide customers with the product expe­ri­ence that they desire at an constantly high level.

Every­thing that is good, could be even better. We set this benchmark not only for our products, but also for all processes in the company. From purchasing and produc­tion to logistics and sales: the guiding principle that defines the company at all times is contin­uous improvement.

With the courage to try new things, our deter­mi­na­tion to succeed, passion in every­thing we do, and our strong brands; in the future, Bahlsen will continue to innovate to meet consumer needs across the world.